Cyprus - The Buying Process

What should I do if I want to buy a dream home in Cyprus?

Book your viewing trip – the most important part of the buying process in Cyprus is pre-planning your viewing trip to ensure your time is spent looking at the right properties that fit your budget and taste. Before you travel to Cyprus, contact one of our professional and experienced agents at Chestertons to discuss your exact needs.

Document Checklist.
Make sure you have the right documentation to buy a property in Cyprus

These are required to open a bank account and for your lawyer:


Driving Licence

Utility Bill (no more than three months old)

Bank Reference Letter


Evidence of source of funds and provenance (this can be your employment contract, P60, sale of property, tax declaration, bank statements)

Additional Documents (Required if you plan on seeking a mortgage)

  • Bank reference letter from your existing bank and 6 months’ bank statements.
  • Sales contract and details of the property to be purchased.
  • Proof of income (6 month’s salary advice/certificate from employer/accountant, rental agreements, if any).
  • 2 years tax clearance / company’s audited accounts for the last 2 years.
  • Full credit search.
  • Proof of residential address (e.g. Utility bill).
  • Copy of down payment made against the purchase price (visa slips, bank transfers, etc.).
  • Power of attorney.
  • Details of your lawyer in Cyprus.
  • Licence for property purchase in Cyprus (non-European citizens).
  • Personal Financial statement.

What will happen when I arrive in Cyprus?

At Chestertons we ensure the agent chosen to guide you understands your unique requirements and needs. They will take you through the buying process in Cyprus and explain everything you need to buy a property in Cyprus. This first meeting is a perfect opportunity to ask the questions that concern you and receive deeper insight into the property market.

Your agent will work around your schedule to find the best times to show you all the properties that match your wish list.

At Chestertons we schedule a final meeting to make sure you have covered all your options and are happy with the choice. Our goal is to ensure none of our clients ever suffer with buyer’s remorse. In this meeting, we will cover any new or additional questions you may have about buying a property in Cyprus and ensure you understand everything clearly before you make one of the most important decisions in your life.

Once all the parameters have been met, we will help you reserve and secure the property you have chosen.

We will also assist you to:

  • Find the best FX options to facilitate your purchase.
  • Open a bank account for your future utility payments.
  • Recommend and consult with the best independent solicitor.

What can I expect of my chosen solicitor?

  • Your solicitor will complete all the land searches and carry out full due diligence on your chosen property, including tax clearance from the tax authorities.
  • They will draft a contract that is approved by all concerned parties.
  • If you cannot be physically present in Cyprus, your solicitor can obtain a POA from you, (and with your written consent), sign all the necessary documents on your behalf.
  • Once all your documentation is approved, your solicitor will complete the process at the land registry by exchanging contracts.
  • Your solicitor will make an application for your separate Title Deed.
  • Solicitor fees are approximately 1% + vat of the purchase price (a minimum fee is applicable).

    What additional fees am I expected to pay when I buy a property in Cyprus?

    Additional Fees you can expect as part of the buying process in Cyprus are all based on the selling price stated in the agreement:


    1. The first €5,000: 0.00%
    2. €5,001 – €170,000: 0.15%
    3. More than €170,000: 0.20%

    For Example

    If your purchase price is €200,000, you will be expected to pay:

    €5,000 at 0.00% = €0.00
    €165,000 at 0.15% = €247.50
    €30,000 at 0.20% = €60.00
    Total = €307.50


    Title Deed transfer fees are based on the value of the property applied by the land registry at the time of transfer. In order to transfer the title deeds of the property into your name, the following fees apply:

    First €85,000 charged at 3%

    Next €85,000 at 5%

    Remaining contract figure at 8%

    As the transfer fees apply to the property value per buyer – the total transfer fees on a transaction can be reduced if a property is bought on joint names.

    For Example:

    Contract of Sale is drawn in two names:

    Property valued at € 155,400

    Transfer fees levied at € 77,700 each

    Rate of transfer for each purchaser would only be 3%

    Currently, as per 'government directives' there is an incentive applicable on transfer fees with:

    • Resale Properties – A reduction of 50% can be applied.
    • New Build – Zero fees applicable.

    Your Solicitor will charge approximately €500 Euros to handle the Title Deed Transfer.

    Assignment Fees - Applicable if there is no title deed transfer.

    (These fees pertain to the lodging of the assignment agreement at the land registry. This fee protects your interests and prevents the seller from reselling or mortgaging the property as collateral for a loan.)

    • This is a set fee of 0.5% and is based on the highest price.

    For Example:

    Your seller originally bought the property at €200,000
    You have purchased the property at €150,000
    you will be expected to pay:

    0.5% on the €200,000.

    NOTE: If a title deed is available, then there will be a direct transfer and the Assignment fees will not apply.

    What after sales service does Chestertons offer if I buy a property in Cyprus?

    Post-sale service is one of Chestertons’ organisational values. We will oversee the entire buying process in Cyprus and be on hand to assist you with additional advice and guidance once the sale is completed. We ensure that the entire experience of finding your dream home is stress free with our experienced team on hand to give you additional help regarding:

    • Residency Permit Applications.
    • Health and Household Insurance.
    • Setting up of your utilities.
    • Information on municipal taxes and fees.
    • Vehicle and Furniture Purchases.

    The success of Chestertons is based on the mutual trust and relationships we have built with our clients over the years. Our real estate services do not end when you sign a sales contract. We will be with you through the entire buying process in Cyprus and after when you need settling advice.

    Should I consider buying a house in the occupied area of Cyprus?

    Chestertons’ vision and mission include a pledge of full transparency to all our valued clients when we offer advice on the buying process in Cyprus. If you are considering purchasing in the occupied territories, please note the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that any property transactions undertaken by the authorities in the occupied area of Cyprus are illegal under International Law.

    Over 90% of the legitimate title-deed holders in the occupied area of Cyprus continue to be Greek refugees who were forcibly removed in 1974. There is a high probability that the property you are being offered has been constructed on Greek Cypriot owned land. If a potential settlement arises in the near future, the rights to your newly purchased property could be retained by the legitimate owners (Greek Cypriot refugees). The United Nations has confirmed that all illegal purchases will be nullified.

    The British High Commission in Cyprus offers the following warning:

    Purchase of these properties could have serious financial and legal implications. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in a number of cases that owners of property in northern Cyprus before 1974 continue to be regarded as the legal owners of that property.

    Purchasers could face legal proceedings in the courts of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as attempts to enforce judgments from these courts elsewhere in the EU, including the UK.”

    Considering the British High Commission warnings, Chestertons cannot protect our client’s best interests and will not sell property in the occupied area of Cyprus.

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