Limassol is one of the largest cities on the island, second only to the capital Nicosia. The old town is the heart of the city, with its narrow, cobbled streets radiating out from the old fishing harbour. A small, medieval castle lies at the epicentre, with rows of vibrant coffee shops and modern boutiques flanking you on either side. The hive of activity continues down to the coast and the brand-new Limassol Marina, where gastronomical and entertainment options are boundless!

Limassol is simultaneously a hub of modernity and a centre of business and development. Limassol’s CBD is scattered with skyscrapers and luxury high-rise apartments, birthing a unique environment where contemporary metropolis blends seamlessly with traditional architecture.

The central location on the islands southern shore also places residents of Limassol in easy striking distance to some of Cyprus’ most treasured historical remnants as well as the lush, green Troodos Mountains and ski resort.