Paphos is a coastal city on the southwest shore of the island and is known as a hub of Cypriot culture and history. Having won the title of Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2017, the city offers a mix of settings that range from modern resorts and shopping centres to ancient ruins and traditional tavernas. Alongside its culture, Paphos receives similar acclaim for its beaches. Of the 76 Cypriot beaches that have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, 18 of them can be found in Paphos! And it is difficult to discuss Paphos’ stunning natural scenery without mentioning the Akamas National Park; 230 square kilometres of untouched and protected wildlife that is home to dolphins, monk seals, foxes, and the endemic Cyprus Mouflon.

To complement this vast natural beauty, Paphos also has a vibrant and dazzling Old Town. The recently revitalised town centre hosts a myriad of exquisite restaurants, trendy bars, and boutique hotels which offer a safe and laid-back evening experience. As a result of this, it is no surprise that Paphos has a reputation for being a great destination to relocate to, whether to raise a family, retire, or just bask in the gorgeous Mediterranean sunshine!