Flexible Payment Terms

Invest at your convenience

One of the main benefits of buying a property directly from Chestertons is our flexible payment scheme. Due to our longevity and success in the real estate business we are able to create ideal buying conditions for every investor. We offer instalments and flexible payment plans to suit your individual situation. Each case is exclusively assessed to find the right tailor-made resolution for you to own your property now!



  • No financial strain from a large upfront financial investment.
  • No need to obtain external loans.
  • You could rent out your property and make use of the returns to assist with the instalments.
  • Chestertons has the financial strength to offer the payment terms interest free.


  • Our experienced real estate consultants will guide you to find your ideal home.
  • Once you have selected your property, our consultants will design a payment structure that suits your individual needs.

Contact one of our experienced Property Consultants to see if you qualify and how you can make use of our flexible payment schemes today!