Montenegrin, Serbian, (English is widely spoken in the larger cities)

Pleasant Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and moderate winters. Average heights recorded between 25-30 degrees Celslus.


Two international airports in Podgorica and Tivat.

Montenegro is a Euro-Mediterranean country, ideally situated between the east and the west. It offers unlimited tranquility with it spectacular landscapes and majestic mountains. The country offers a unique balance of tranquil landscapes filled with unobstructed nature. Nested between crystal lakes and alpine forests in the interior, you will find alluring old towns, rich in culture and history. Along the shoreline, bordering the warm Adriatic Sea, rugged mountains hug ancient hamlets that are home to some of the most picturesque and pristine beaches in the world.

Living in Montenegro provides access to some of the best opportunities that Eastern Europe has to offer. Chosen by a high number of expatriates, it affords high quality, affordable living, with low crime rates, that are perfect for singles and families. The capital Podgorica has a developed expat community, with many choosing to live, work and study in the modern urban center that is filled with great restaurants, bars and retail outlets. With its ideal climate, central location and welcoming local community, Montenegro is a peaceful, established and idyllic place to study.

Montenegro at a glance

Granted candidate status for the European Union

Favorable tax regime:
Lowest personal income tax rates in the world with no hidden surprises in the form of capital gains, land transfers or estate taxes

Access to high-quality health care and education

Economic growth:
The world Bank forecasts continued growth in GDP

Visa free access to 122 countries including Europe’s Schengen Zone

Safe and Secure:
Extremely low crime rate

Low cost of living compared to other European countries

Competitively priced real estate investments in a rising market

Live in a country with a temperature climate and spectacular scenery


Montenegro has one of the most sought-after Citizenship by Investment programmes in Europe. You can settle with a Montenegrin passport in just three months and enjoy a safe, secure, high quality of life for you and your family with a minimum investment requirement of only €450,000.

Flexible options

Option one

From € 450,000

€200,000 Non-refundable donation/ contribution to a government fund.

€250,000 Real estate investment in an undeveloped region in the north or centre, excluding Podgorica.

Flexible options

Option two

From € 650,000,000

€200,000 Non-refundable donation/ contribution to a government fund.

€450,000 Real estate investment in a developed region (South of the country, including capacity of Podgorica and coastal regions).

Programme criteria

Applicants must have a clear criminal record, with no personal sanctions or travel bans to the EU, USA, UK and Canada.

Documents confirming the source of your income must be provided.

Applicant must not be a politically exposed person.

The process

1-3 Days

Consult with your Chestertons property specialist over your Real Estate Investment Proposal and follow up with your Investment commitment.

1 Month

To carefully prepare all your documentation.

3 Months

Submit your application – obtain approval and collect your passport.

Additional benefits

Montenegro has several parts, so shipping your household goods and personal effects is trouble free.

Podgorica and Tivat have a high number of expatriates and offer international schools to educate your native language.

Montenegro has a low crime rate, noted as a level-1 safe country by the US State department.

The cost of living is extremely affordable, with low cost utillity bills and groceries. Entertainment is readily available and equally inexpensive.

Their physical geography is unsurpassed with residents able to enjoy both ocean beaches and breath-taking mountains, set in unforgettable landscapes.

Historically and culturally rich, you can view ancient sites listed on the UNESCO world heritage list or attend one of their notable theatres.