To make buying or renting your property in Cyprus easier for our German clients, we have partnered with a team of experienced and professional German experts for all your repatriation needs.

Supported more than 90 Cyprus company start ups

Arranged more than 50 events for the German community

Member of the Cyprus/Germany Business association

GBM Cyprus Ambassador

We oversee the entire buying process in Cyprus and will be on hand to assist you with additional advice and guidance once the sale is completed. We ensure that the entire experience of finding your dream home is stress-free with our experienced team available to give you additional help regarding:

Tax advice


Community integration

Company formation


All Immigration procedures

Benefits of living in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the top 5 fastest growing EU countries and was voted second best destination worldwide by to purchase a holiday home. 

Cyprus Residency

The “Yellow slip” is the commonly known name for the Cyprus residence permit and guarantees every client living in Cyprus the unrestricted right of residence and re-entry into Cyprus. It is also required to apply for the tax certificate, the so-called “Easy Non-Dom” status, confirming that the holder is a taxpayer in Cyprus with a minimum stay of 60 days.

Guarantees the same rights for EU citizens as for Cypriot citizens

Required for “Easy Non-Dom” tax certificate status

Guarantees the right to reside and re-enter Cyprus

Often the application and issuance by company formation agencies, tax consultants or law firms takes several weeks to several months. Thanks to an effective network of top experts in Cyprus, which has grown over the years, we can offer the yellow slip in just 72 hours!

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